Lowe Gardening Science Lab

Whether you’re in the UK or USA, you need to maintain the ecosystem and natural habitat of your surrounding environment to prevent the extinction of animals and the loss of natural resources.

We aim to be able to help you garden more effectively, with new technologies that can help stop climate change and make a case for a more sustainable future.

New post May 2018: Research on modern UK garden furniture (including rattan)

Let us leave the next generation with more resources than we had, not less.

Fight the cause today, and join your local climate conservation charity.

Research in our lab is focused on the early evolution of deuterostomes and the origin of our own phylum, the chordates. We study the development of the hemichordate Saccoglossus kowalevskii and a range of echinoderm species. Use the linksĀ  above to explore the work of the laboratory in the Department of Biology atĀ  Stanford University


Malcolm Lowe

Researcher at Independent
I'm a gardening researcher specialising in ecosystem science, where we look for future technologies to help stop climate change and other negative factors affecting wildlife.

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